Scary Mermaid Halloween Makeup Ideas

Follow these simple instructions to transform into a terrifying mermaid. Any fancy dress event, as well as a Halloween party, will be enhanced by this makeup!

Tutorial with Step-by-Step Instructions

Begin by painting the eyes and teeth using Fusion white with a round no 6 brush, as well as sketching down the general layout of the body.

Then, using Fusion black and a round number 2 brush, outline the eyes, fangs, and body of the character. Make use of metallic dark blue powder around the eye sockets, combine it with a lighter blue, and then highlight the brow bone with gold powder to complete the look.

To paint the mermaid’s tail, use an Oriental Times onestroke paintbrush and an angled 3/4 brush to create an Oriental Times onestroke. Add more shells to the mermaid’s bra by painting them on with the round number 2 brush using black face paint again.

Using a flat number 12 brush, paint the region surrounding the mermaid’s torso as well as the sides of her neck in a dark colour. Paint the shells white with a round number 6 brush and then shade them with black powder and a dry brush to give them a more realistic appearance. (For this, I utilised the Flower Power Bush as a model.)

Use a 3/4 short angled flat brush to create water around the mermaid and apply Seabreeze onestroke over the top.

Scary Mermaid Halloween

Use a scale stencil in the centre of the forehead and mermaid tail, and then add white teardrops to the face and all over the mermaid’s body to complete the look. Using a round number 6 brush, apply crimson lipstick to the lips.

Finally, using a round number 2 brush, apply white highlights to the lips and then apply Superstar glitter gel to the sides of the face and mermaid’s tail, covering it with chunky glitter (I chose Aqua bubbles by Glitter envy) to finish the appearance. A long wig completes the look.

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