How To Apply Clown Makeup for kids: Tips, Tricks, & Ideas

How To Apply Clown Makeup for Kids

Clown Makeup has been around for a very long time, giving amusement to people of all ages. They have become an integral part of our society, from the royal court jesters to modern-day circus clowns.

They can amuse a large audience just by their facial expressions and body language, using Clow Makeup and few people can remain serious when confronted with a clown in everyday life.

What You’ll Need

For clown makeup for kids you obviously need a clown costume is a must for all of these clown makeup tutorials. The fact that you can wear a costume that people can see and talk about is a big bonus.

Having a mask on your face will also make it easier for you to get people to believe that you are actually a clown. It’s easy to confuse someone with the mask and you won’t look like a true clown.

If you’re looking for a makeup kit for kids, the first thing you should consider is safety. Though there’s no reason to worry about an accidental mishap with paint-soaked makeup, you should be aware of the amount of sweat that your face may have accumulated.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a makeup kit that comes with a water-proof facial mask.

Best Kit For Clown Makeup For Kids

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How to Apply the Colored Face Paint

In addition to the large array of colors, clown makeup artists have also developed a variety of new face paint textures and techniques that can be applied by those who are looking for something new in their clown make up looks.

The ones that are generally used are powder, marker and paint. For clown makeup that we will be speaking about today, we will be using powder face paint that you can make yourself. How to Start with the Painting the first step in clown make up is to create a face painting painting first.

Begin by applying a thin layer of color on your face. The color has to be similar to the actual coloring of a clown to make it seem like it’s coming from the face itself. Then, you can proceed to pick out a clown design that’s large enough to stick to your face.

Colour face paint has been a crucial aspect in clown makeup for kids as if you do it perfectly you may not need any additional things, but you want to have more it will look amazing no doubt.

How to Apply the Wig

Usually clown wigs have a long elastic hair that allows you to easily apply hair over the face. This was not the case, however, with the more frightening figures, such as Bozo and Zuma. As a result, a simpler method of applying hair to the face was required.

One that was less messy, made using only one hair, was also of high need. The suggestion by Christophe Felicien, clown and performer at the White Party in America is the use of a paint brush to apply the hair over the face.

The hair would need to be a little longer than the face so that you can style it after applying the paint.

To make it easier, you can use gel or hair oil to style it. Wrap the hair from the back using a rubber band and make a small loop that would allow you to attach the hair over the face using a hairpin.

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The Final Touches

You can tell from the series of videos below that you will have a child in your house. They will be your muse and your life will be anything but boring. Clowns are no child’s play. It requires hard work and patience to master the craft.

You’ll need to locate a reputable clown beautician for this. They will be well-versed in all trade secrets. Some are recommended by professionals and if you find a good one you will see how much fun clown makeup is Brushwork

It’s not clown makeup unless you’re applying thick layers of paint to your face and covering your cheeks with rouge.  You’ll draw more attention than you usually would with more or less makeup. If you have a big family and kids in the house, they will love it!

Makeup Brushes

A good clown makeup will require a lot of brushes and eyeshadow palettes and definitely bright red blush. Also, the same makeup can’t be applied over and over again to give the same effect.

Instead of painting eyeshadow, apply multiple coats and blend them as shown in the pictures above. Add some white eye shadow as well to complete the look. Eyes White shadows are easier to apply and make a bolder impact.

Use a good shimmery colour or use a coloured white shadow. Try using the same eyeshadow as seen above on all the eyes. Make sure to blend the corners. Dark Lips The eyes are the first thing to draw the attention.

Not everyone is good at applying eyeshadow to every part of the face. The lips are the most important part of the face and make or break the clown’s appearance.

Clown Nose

It is such a big part of the overall clown makeup and it really does add a huge impact to the face. The trick for clown nose is to first shape the nostrils by forming a small dome and then by filling them up with either glue or powder.

Based on the type of clown nose you want, this may be accomplished in a variety of ways. One important thing to know about clown nose is that it is a big mess to apply it. Therefore, it is better to keep it on the model’s nose for at least an hour before applying the final touches.

For a real clown nose to be able to be seen properly on stage, it must be meticulously painted with glue or with paste to ensure that it sticks for good. Colour as we have mentioned earlier that all the clown makeup should have a strong facial expression.


Glitter is an essential ingredient in every clown make up because it helps to brighten up any clown make up. To make your clown look perfect, glitter is essential. In the same way as glitter goes well with everyone, clown make up goes well with kids.

Chopsticks Kids are usually so fascinated with chopsticks when they see them with their food and when they see a person eating with them, they like to copy them. Most clowns don’t use their real hands to eat but instead they use chopsticks.

What To Do When You’re Tired Of Playing Monster While playing monster, don’t make a furry face. This can give your kid nightmares if you do so. Instead, draw eyes on your hands, feet and teeth and you will find that your kid is still very comfortable.

Glitters give awesome look to the clown make up for kids as it enhances all you work on the clown makeup.


As we all know, clowns have an air of mystery surrounding them that makes them unforgettable. The facial expressions, body language, and skills required to pull off a great clown make them a mesmerizing presence for children and adults alike.

They are a true visual delight for kids and adults alike and they will keep you laughing for hours! With clown makeup for kids, you can make your child a true clown sensation without making them uncomfortable and disturbing them.

As long as your child can keep his or her cool when the clown’s mouth is getting closer to their face, they can learn how to do good clown makeup for kids. By following these tips, you and your child will be able to recreate a classic clown face and create a stunning clown look for Halloween.

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