Clown World Everything You Need To Know

What is Clown World

Crowned by the Pope as the World Association of Clowns in 1938, Clown World is an umbrella organization for independent clowns, national and international associations, the various clown schools, and club-based organizations. 

Those within Clown World are generally involved in either performing or promoting some comical clown-related event. There is little or no difference between that and another theater artist, except that they are not paid at all. 

The role of the Clown World is to educate others on the many benefits of the clowning profession. They make the profession available to anyone, regardless of what your background is. In this way, they hope to lower the price of entry and remove barriers to entry.

Most people are unaware that clowns have been around for thousands of years. That’s right, and clowns go way back. Throughout the ages, clowns have been found everywhere from antiquity through modern times. 

Even during the Middle Ages, clowns were found in England. It is hard to have a childless and carefree society when there is always someone to stick in an eye or eat the candy. 

Clowns of the World

Several organizations protect and promote the interests of clowns throughout the world. Clowns of the World International, which has over 3700 members worldwide, was founded in 2003 to combat the increasing negative stigma surrounding clowns. 

The clown world offers services such as career counseling and new Clowning. Each clown in the world is free to practice their craft, and all anyone wants is to be left alone to pursue their art. 

You might not know that the art of Clowning is rich in science and psychology, with one example being: 

Clowns can make people laugh through a form of empathy that is deeply ingrained in the human spirit. This makes the art of clowning such a powerful vehicle for all types of expression, not just humor.

Clowns are usually defined as performers who portray a role often based on deranged or humorous human characteristics. Clowns have been around for centuries in almost every country and do not have any particular country as their home. 

They have been a part of the Greek and Roman gods, but over time, particularly in the 20th century, they became famous as a form of a role, however, a role of ridiculed jesters. 

This changed in the 1960s with the emergence of hard-core horror movies and the strange psychology behind them. Clowns became very popular with audiences, and it seemed that Clowning, from them and many other clowns, was what people wanted to be.

Cats and Masks

The cat masks that clowns wear have gone through an evolution over the centuries. Back in ancient Egypt, clowns were wearing Egyptian animal heads to scare people. In medieval times, the animal masks had migrated to Europe, while clowns still wore animal masks in Japan. This is where it began to be a little more sinister.

The Purpose of Clowns

Clowns are meant to be fun, friendly, and surprising. When combined with a cape and other accouterments, a clown is meant to add fun and enjoyment to a person’s life on the street. 

The character itself is meant to distract people from what they were initially looking at: the human. It doesn’t hurt that clowns are hard to spot and even harder to evade since they rely on distraction to make themselves look more or less invisible. 

They tend to blend in with crowds easily, as most are not significant characters and are pretty small and have broad, constantly smiling faces. The Purpose of Clown Fights Clowns doesn’t exist in isolation.

They are part of a cult of performance artists. The cult of clowns is another and highly peculiar facet of the circus world.

As the National Association of Circus Educators points out: “Circuses exist as a social institution for the advancement of humanity through education, entertainment, and social uplift. 

Every circus entertainer and crew member is devoted to these aims and works tirelessly to support the success of the circus in accomplishing them. 

Most clowns spend more time teaching children basic kindness, empathy, respect, and social justice than many people in the office.” 

Some think the focus of the circus is to entertain the crowd, but this isn’t exactly the truth. Many organizations today work to better the public’s understanding of the world of the circus and the role it plays in our society today. Like the circus, clowns need a purpose.

The Clown Hierarchy

Listed in order from “Most Hated” to “The Best,” here is my top “clowns” from all around the world. They’re all horrible, some more so than others, but they all do the same job: entertaining. 

Jimmy Dore – Jimmy Dore is a producer and interviewer with RT TV (Russia), political commentator, and host of the popular podcast “Truth and Power,” which features guests like Sen. 

He’s also a frequently-contributing editor at the mainstream anti-war/anti-Putin publication, “The Nation.” 9. Peter LaBarbera Peter is the National Spokesperson of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), a famous and influential far-right anti-LGBTQ activist organization founded by Bryan Fischer.

This is not the same as Clowning, which is clowning without any disguises. 

Clown World is an umbrella term encompassing all the mediums that utilize costumed performers as actors. Actors who can hide their true identities behind a mask or costume have been around since the late 19th century when “The Great Train Robbery” in 1869 was an enormous success. 

There are various specialties in the clown world that are known as species. Those famous in the early 20th century are considered the Grandmasters and have held titles that include “The Great Zeller” and “The Great Faron.” 

These two were two of the very first clowns ever to have their masks made and at the top of their respective classes. Below the Grandmasters, there are the Littles, the Little Masters, and the Masters.

A Clown’s Mission

Have you ever wondered what it is that a clown does for a living? After all, we see them at children’s parties and in the streets, but do we know what goes on behind the scenes? 

First of all, let’s talk about the purpose of the clown world. They’re an essential element of our culture, and we ought to know a little more about what they do and what their duties entail. 

For many years, from the late 1800s until the mid-20th century, clowns were in vogue. They had become a primary form of expression, and their works were used in museums and theaters.

They were even the subject of movies such as The Great Circus Parade, The Love Bug, and The Most Dangerous Game. Clowns were the flavor of the day, and they were indeed a big part of American culture.

The Future of Clowns

Perhaps it’s because clowns have been portrayed as bumbling fools, jesters, or as sinister figures by cinema and television that it’s difficult for most people to understand what is so unique about the public role of clowns.

Perhaps we’ll be more in tune with the clown’s historical role in the next few years, but until then, let’s explore the fascinating history of the clown. Clowning can be traced back to the 16th century. 

The people who wore wigs, makeup, and sometimes even red lipstick to entertain their communities were called “clowns.” It wasn’t until the 19th century that it became a modern trend and the first clown came into being. 

From there, it was only a matter of time before men got involved, and it is here where the “clown” changed to a more masculine term.

Trends of Being a Clown

According to Google Trends, popularity is growing for searches for the term ‘clown.’ Not only is there interest in those who dress up as a clown for Halloween, but also for real clowns, the street performers, and those who tour with a circus. 

As well as providing new careers for people who are passionate about dressing up and performing magic, there is also a tremendous opportunity for charities. Several of the organizations I work with benefit from the generosity of clowns who decide to give their time to them. 

What are some of the critical benefits of clowning for charities?

Meeting new people Clowning is a great way to meet new people. Meeting new people is something everyone can benefit from.

First off, let’s make one thing clear. Clowns are not your typical “evil person in a costume.” It’s simply a job for some. But they do all have one thing in common: a commitment to their craft. 

So, while some people might think they are funny people who wear a ridiculous clown costume, the truth is that they have gone through training to become what they are, from a training level to a professional level, and have become experts in their field. 

While clowns are in a somewhat unique position to help spread a child’s innocence, they also must be appropriately intimidating and spooky. Being “sensory savvy,” a clown’s sole purpose is to communicate with the people visiting the circus.

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