Best Girls Clown Makeup Ideas

Best Girls Clown Makeup Ideas – How to Do Clown Makeup the Right Way

There are infinite ways to get the best girls clown makeup, but it’s useless if you don’t get the perfect design.

We have collected the best clown makeup ideas you can try at home to look scary or funny.

It is up to you how you want to look, and you need to paint your face that way.

If you want a scary look, the choice of colors would be different, and for a funny look, you need to use different colors.

How to Start Doing Girls Clown Makeup

Before starting girls clown makeup, you must have all the mandatory equipment for the makeup.

Using permanent makeup, make the nose your first touch-up. It should be more defined and well defined. Then, the cheeks. Use a good liquid foundation to give the face some dimension. Add more shadows and outlines. 

Add in details with other makeup like eyeshadow and powders. Scarecrows are a very simple yet well-used Halloween costume.

Scarecrows aren’t scary, but they are creepy! Scarecrows can be anywhere from very tiny to very large.

For the best-looking scarecrow, you will need to find ones with a lot of character and stick with a very specific look. You can make one easily with some simple and inexpensive pieces. 

Main Ideas for Making a Scarecrow Halloween Costume Find a scarecrow costume in a yard sale or a thrift shop.

Best Girls Clown Makeup Ideas are as Follows

  3. Creepy Clown
  4. Killer Clown Makeup
  5. Cotton Candy Clown

Tips and Tricks for Doing Girls Clown Makeup

The “Happy Clowns” group has been a growing trend over the years. The sadistic pleasure of using makeup to sadistically torture a friend or someone in public is not a niche thing. 

Doing girls clown makeup sounds simple, but it’s not if you don’t get the elements right, and the most important element of girls clown makeup is to have a perfect foundation.

I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that. However, it doesn’t always look good. Whether that’s a result of you running low on time or the makeup too tight or…in some cases, I have an idea, and it’s still not that scary. Sometimes it’s just not. 

If you do decide to go clown, you have a few things to consider. First, do you need to dress up like a clown for Halloween? It is a bit much. You could use too much eyeliner, cut yourself or look a bit scary. We are having fun in this article, though, and not making you go through hours and hours of makeup.

The Best Clown Makeup Ideas for Special Occasions

The Challenge: Are you going for creative clown faces? Is your family theme about being a clown? Or are you just feeling silly? Where to start with girls clown makeup: No matter what kind of party or special event is held, you will need some great clown makeup tools.

The logical place to start is the face. Make a clown face! The second place is in the hands and feet. Also, the base of the neck. The third and most important place in the eyes. Clown eyes aren’t “easy.” 

The Eyes: When you are doing your eyes, it’s best to think on one note: the clown’s face. Start with the eyes. Make the same color as the face. You can use any contact and work on things in between, but the eyes will be the central element of your clown face.


The masks are fantastic. You don’t need much of them, but just enough to capture the entire face and make it look like something is wrong. 

Even a skin patch could work! I think we’ll have to make a more in-depth article for that one, but these are some awesome masks for clowns. 

These are the most amazing girls clown makeup ideas you can try at home if you have the desired tools for that… 

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