Putting on Clown Makeup A Step-By-Step Guide

Clown Makeup Instructions is a set of stages based on step-by-step instructions for Putting Clown Makeup


Clown makeup has been a topic of wide-ranging debates on the internet. Is clown makeup for grown-ups only? Should you wear it to make your date laugh? How many are too many? Is it weird to wear clown makeup to school? Best ways for Putting on Clown Makeup? But, for this article, we are going to stick to the Face. All other parts of clown makeup are pretty much useless unless you want to be a clown. Let’sLet’s see a real example of this. Clown makeup for faces includes techniques to paint the Face, face painting, clown-face painting, clowns-face-drawing, and so on. But to begin with, you have to get your base right. Clown makeup for faces comes in two variants- freehand and airbrush.

What are Clown Make Up Tools 

Clown Makeup is a set of items used to enhance the clown-like appearance of an individual. Putting on Clown Makeup, you need some Clown makeup tools, including a wide range of makeup items, including face paint, adhesive face paint, liquid latex, wigs, and clown face paint.

Clown Face Paint

Clown face paint is usually made of three distinct components. For clown face paint to be realistic and to look clown-like, the faces must be bright. The human face is a carefully balanced mixture of complex physiological processes. When these processes are interrupted, the eyes get heavy, and the lips get loose and floppy. Hence, clown face paint should be at least 1-2 shades darker than the skin tone. The eyes should be large and black, with droopy eyelids. The nose should be wide and raised.

Tools For Putting Clown Makeup

Glitter, sharpie or Sharpie marker Paintbrush Chisel Clothes (clothes optional) Hand soap (for cleaning the tools) Olive oil (for moisturizing the skin) Washcloth.

In this makeup tutorial, you’ll learn the process of Putting on Clown Makeup. First, you need to have the right tools to use when you are Putting on Clown Makeup.

I use a Leatherman Micra Pro and a set of tweezers to complete the process. How To Do Basic Makeup I like to do a solid base of makeup as it sets the look and accentuates my features.

How To Do A Pretty Face At this point, you will probably be done with your basic makeup and ready to rock a completely different look. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the complete process of Putting on Clown Makeup that is sure to steal everyone’severyone’s heart.

How To Do A Wild Face At this point, you will probably be done with your clown makeup and ready to rock a completely different kind of look. For this look, you’ll learn how to do a wild face.

Ultimate Blending Brush

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7 Steps to Putting on Clown Makeup

  • Prep Your Face and Body Prep your skin and body with lotion. This prevents skin from picking up dirt and makes it smoother and smoother for makeup application.
  • Create Your Brows Wax and fill in your eyebrows with white, black, and brown pencils. Leave extra eyeliner around the eye area to create a triangle for your eyes.
  • Create Your Smiles Cut two strips of paper. Paint the paper with white, black, and brown, keeping the strip’s color the same color as your eyebrows. Draw faces on the strips of paper.
  • Create A Scarf Cut a paper strip in half length-wise. Cut a slice out of the center of one of the pieces.
  • Apply A Scarf To Your Face
  • Draw A Face On The Scarf
  • Apply The Clown Mask To Your Face

Complete Process Of Putting on Clown Makeup | Step by Step Guide 

Step 1: 

Clean your Face. Remove all the cosmetics from your Face. This will get rid of any germs and harmful substances from your Face.

Step 2: 

Prepare the device for your unique clown-themed Face. Make your design on the device front. Let the design form on your device and prepare it with the small cut of glue on the surface.

Step 3: 

Apply some glue on the white surface of the device. Apply glue on the white surface of the device.

Step 4: 

Press it. Press the device with the sharp side of your hand.

The Complete Clown Makeup Kit

Types of Clown Makeup

There are many types of clown makeup, and each of them has different purposes and is used for different purposes. Here we have compiled the five most commonly used clown makeup styles for a special Halloween makeup look.

Clown Face

 In this clown face tutorial, we will be showing you how to create a black and white face of a clown with a hint of red.

Clown Ears

We will be covering colorful clown makeup for a festive Halloween look, for a white clown face, and a spooky look.

Clown Ears & Finger Nails

For a rainbow wig of a clown and a colorful look of a face and hands, we will be adding pink nails as a part of the outfit.

Clown Fingers

For the acute look of a face with white clown fingers, we will be covering it with bright yellow nail polish.

Important Note In Putting on Clown Makeup

Gently apply a foundation base to cover your skin. You can either mix two to three tablespoons of foundation base with a generous amount of water.

Apply it on your face or even over your entire body. If you like your skin matte and do not like to get too much color, you can apply it to your face. If you like the look of your skin lightly tanned, you can apply the foundation to your entire body.

If you prefer to go over tanning cream, apply a few drops over your body using a sponge. Be careful not to drip on yourself.

Gently dab the foundation to your face and neck. Make sure that your Face is properly and evenly covered. It is important to do a good job at the first few layers as you must reapply.

Final Thoughts and Tips

I wanted to put together this article to help people realize that clowns are not the demons they have always been portrayed. They can and should be used in moderation and controlled fashion to create some life-like poses and expressions, for example.

There is an element of fun and silliness to the various characters that are associated with clowns. I’m no professional clown makeup artist by any means, but I love making costumes, and I wanted to offer some helpful tips that would make you feel more comfortable and at ease.

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