Scary Clown Makeup Tips

Scary Clown Makeup Tips Transform Yourself With These Scary Clown Ideas

The process of having Scary clown makeup is the same as the normal good-looking clown makeup, but the colors being used matter a lot in the case of scary clown makeup. The most important thing is the design you chose for the scary makeup, and secondly, it depends upon the artist. Your eyes, eyebrows, and mouth as if you paint them scary, you will look scary, and if you paint them funny, you will look funny.

What are Scary Clowns?

So a clown who looks scary and people get scared after watching it is called a scary clown. People use scary clown makeup to look scary.

As the word Scary is very important here, I will add the following definition: “To cause fear and lead to social disruption.”.

As I said above, a Scary clown is a person who is or tries to look like a scary clown. Carrying red balloons. Pepper-spraying people randomly. Spending days in the same place. The Head Scary Clowns are the top class of clowns who have heads made from the normal humankind of body and a normal human being.

Which Must Be Used Foundation For Scary Clown

Foundation For Scary Clown

For all you newbie people, this foundation is easy to use. It is suitable for all skin types and people with different skin types. The coffee foundation is one of the best foundations for clown makeup. It is light and has a strong emollient making it suitable for all skin types and emollient, making it very suitable for under makeup. Green tea foundation is another foundation that is light and has a high moisturizing factor. It is suitable for all skin types and a good base for everyone to apply makeup.

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The Color Mixing in Scary Clowns

Color Mixing in Scary Clowns

Most of the persons opt for the colors that look scary in the scary movie, but it is usually dull and grey in real life. To add more colors, the artist adds the hair and the skin tone. The overall look is rather scary than scary in real life. You can create a horrifying look by mixing colors. You can add dark or light brown color to your eye circles to create them scary. You can add black to your face to make it black or even add brown to your lips.

The idea of using a bright color on the forehead and the eyes are common. It makes a face look a bit scary, and the eyes look darker. So you can mix light red color on the skin to get some red shade and add black to it. This is the basic process of making scary clown makeup, and there is a lot of things you can do to make a creepy look.

Base Colours Used For Scary Clown Makeup

The base color is the major choice of scary clown makeup as it makes up the details of the face. You can start with a white base to build up the details and the silhouette of the clown. Keep in mind that the white base is the perfect base for the eyes so that the pupils can pop out more and be bigger.

Huge Eyes Using big and really big eyes makes the clown the terrifying one. Grey for The Skin Colour Grey is the most recommended color as it complements the white and black base. To avoid extra smears, you can use a small sponge to apply a grey base only to the black areas of your face. You can start with a light purple color or some purple sparkle eyeshadows to enhance the contrast and for a more detailed clown.

Lips and Eyebrows


Eyebrows will make you look scary. These are the steps involved in creating a scary clown. On the upper forehead of the human face are the eyebrows. There will be two eyebrows. If you apply two eyes brows and two horizontal eyebrows, it will not be scary. If you are scared and sad, you will apply four eyebrows and two horizontal ones. And of cause add a lot of white makeup. You can use face paints or any face paints or even liquid latex or modeling plaster for lips and eyebrows to create these scary patterns.

Scary Clown Makeup – Tips On How To Apply So when you want to apply this scary clown makeup, make sure you have the face paint, lipstick, or whatever your choice is.

The Final Touches For Looking Scarier 

Steps To Getting Scary Clown Makeup First, you have to look for suitable makeup in the horror movie, and the color should be suitable for a clown. When searching for makeup, look for a simple white base like face makeup, eyeshadow, or bronzer, and then pick a bright color like orange or purple for the lips. Colour Swatches While using the small makeup swatches, place them on a paper sheet and, with the help of black ink, make your selection and hand over the correct color to the artist. To get the perfect color for the skin tone, you must pay attention to the proportion and how it impacts the makeup. Most makeup artists cannot pick up the same makeup in the same way on different body types.

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