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Several clown emoticons serves different purposes The picture of a clown with a grin on his face is often associated with foolishness and fun. Clown Emoticons Come in a Variety of Styles representing their own philosophy.

Types of Clow Emoticon

The image of a laughingĀ clown faceĀ usually represents silliness, playfulness, laughter. This particularĀ Clown EmoticonĀ can be utilized to express something humorous yet clever at the same time.Ā 

It’s just like saying an appropriate word that conveys the intended message. This is especially important when used in notes on the internet or social networking websites.

What is an Clown Emoticon

Technically, an Clown Emoticon is a graphical representation of a keystroke. This means that, unlike most clown emoticons, which look like they are speaking, and Clown Emoticon will not talk the given words.

For Example, when you send an email with the ” emoticon x ” where x is the keystroke you are trying to input, the Emoticon will display a smiley face instead. How cool is that?

Potential Uses of the Clown Face Emoticon

Now let’s get down to business and explore some potential uses of theĀ clown face Emoticon. One benefit that has been studied is prank calls. When two teenage girls were walking home together, a strange man on the phone kept calling them, asking them questions about their home and making creepy threats.

One girl was eventually asked to go outside to meet him, but she found out he was aĀ clownĀ when she did. He then proceeded to ask her disturbing questions, such as what house she lived in, where she worked, and if she minded sleeping with a stranger.

A second possible application of theĀ clown EmoticonĀ is for internet harassment. If you’re tired of getting barraged by Internet stalkers and want to take back some of the control you are losing, a tool allows you to create a sticker that states “I’m Not Stalked” or something similar.

When you put one of these stickers on a known Internet harassment site, you can make it so that any Internet user who sees your screen will instantly see a picture of an angry clown face and will know to stay away from your online community.

And for another creative application, perhaps you are trying to be humorous but can’t help it, but still have a good time. What if you had a bunch ofĀ clown facesĀ staring back at you?

It would be a lot of fun to see how people react to this. Well, for one thing, people on MySpace tend to get a little more agitated with this Emoticon, and for another, they’ll start laughing so hard they’ll spill their drinks. In addition to the uses noted above, another creative way is to use theĀ clown EmoticonĀ that is overgrowing in use.Ā 

It has to do with Red-NosedĀ Clown Emoticons. If you have a genuinely red Emoticon, you can combine it with otherĀ Clown EmoticonsĀ to create a different Emoji. For instance, if you had a red nose with a smile, you could draw a red nose, smile, and outline of another Emotion in the red colour.

Then, you could use the red nose Emotion and put a smiling face around it. TheĀ Clown Emotion, which is usually laughing, would follow the smiling face outline.

Final Thoughts

Now, this one is pretty clever. First of all, it shows that you know how to use the internet to make things a bit more amusing. Second, it is very different from the regular Emojis and can be fun to experiment with. Third, it is not a stock Emojis that you can buy anywhere. You can only download these on specific websites.

And last but certainly not least, there is also theĀ clown EmoticonĀ that I mentioned earlier. This is the kind of Emoji that goes hand in hand with the red noseĀ Emoticon.

When combined, these two Emoticons can look spooky. Combine them with other Emojis, like a sad face, and you will get a unique type of Emoji that you will surely enjoy using.

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